St. Brigid’s Day Assembly

Report by Conor D. Cian M. and Alex O’R.

Ms McCabe held a St. Brigid’s Day assembly for 2nd to 6th classes. This is Catholic Schools Week and the theme this year is Learning with Pope Francis to care for our common home. This week isn’t just for Catholics in our school, though. We welcome all religions and Ms McCabe told us that we should extend kindness towards everyone. If we are kind to each other the school will be a happier place for everyone.

Image from NCEA


As we know, Wednesday was St. Brigid’s day and she was known and loved for her kindness and care for the poor, the sick and the elderly. St. Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland but St Brigid is the female patron saint of Ireland. St Brigid’s cross is normally made from rushes. On February 1st, people hang it up in their home for protection from evil.
Conor D. read the story of St Brigid’s cloak and how she managed to spread her cloak from North to South to East to West. James C. O’S read a poem about St Brigid weaving crosses from rushes.

As we are a green school, Ms McCabe also discussed the Green team and the School Council who are constantly improving our school. St. Josephs is going to have a new bike rack for 5th and 6th class boys attending the school and it will be quite close to the church as 5th and 6th class boys will be bringing their bikes home every day. Ms McCabe also discussed our healthy eating policy and we contributed to the formation of this policy.

To end the assembly, Father Philip Bradley read a short prayer for everyone.