Student Theatre Awards

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Student Theatre Awards

Report by Nicholas and Declan




The atmosphere was electric. There were pupils, parents and teachers everywhere outside the Bórd Gáis Energy Theatre. We all were given tickets for our seats, and then got a “Red Carpet” entry through the main doors. We got our picture taken holding a glass panel with our school’s name on it. On our way to the main auditorium, we were told to write all our names on a wall in less than 40 seconds! Then into the auditorium, where all the magic happened.

Kids everywhere. Spotlight everywhere. Screams of joy coming from every group of school kids. Music was playing, and we were all so excited. Then the producers, Bláithnead and Steven, came out onto the stage. Then it started. Winners were called out, then an outstanding performance live on stage. More winners, more performances. Then more. And more. The award we were nominated for was coming up. It was right on top of bordgais2us! But first, there was a special award called the Judge’s Choice Award. This was the award that the judges felt captured every single aspect of making a film. It was so tense. The owner of the Bórd Gáis Theatre presented it himself. “And this play captured the story of The Holocaust…”. We couldn’t believe it. Gasps were exchanged between us. “The winner is St. Joseph’s BNS!”

We couldn’t hear ourselves because we lost control over our screaming. We were so amazed. The award of “exemplary merit” was given to US! 3 boys from our class went up onto the stage to receive the award and get some pictures taken. We were cheering them on. Belvedere College won the secondary school version of the award later on in the day.

What a day! We all went home with smiles on our faces. Who knows, maybe some of us will win it next year in secondary school!