What is our Student Council about???

The student council is all about coming together to think of ideas to make the school a better place.

The student council boys meet in the school hall once a month to bring a variety of ideas and suggestions from their classes to the whole council.

A few weeks ago, the student council boys came up with new names for some of the rooms in the school.  These rooms had changed purpose and needed to be thought of in a very different way.

For example….The upstairs room in the Annex became ‘Yardview’, The Covid room became ’The Cosy Corner’ and the boys decided to leave the old computer room with its working title of ‘The Zen Den’.

The pupils requested and received new uni-hoc equipment and two footballs per classroom. The student council also decided to tackle bullying by making posters to prevent bullying around the school.

They also made posters about mental and physical well-being, as well as making some posters about mindfulness, fitness and self-care.

At the start of the school year, to brighten the school and to become more inclusive, the boys looked at the different nationalities in our school and wrote ‘hello’ in many different languages to help welcome people from all around the world to our school.

New hurling/gaelic football and football jerseys were purchased for the school teams to wear for their matches.

Who knows what other changes our enthusiastic Council pupils will affect!