Welcome Back

We would like to welcome all the boys back to St. Joseph’s. We hope you had a great holiday and that you are all refreshed for the new school year.

We would like to extend a special welcome to our new junior infant classes. The boys came to school without any problems. It was a little more traumatic for some of the parents. After a few days in school you would think junior infants have been at school for years.


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We are changing our text alert facility and we are hoping to use email more extensively this year as a means of communicating with parents. We use texts to contact parents in cases where there are cancellations or changes in arrangements at short notice. As part of our Green School initiative we would like to use email in the future for distributing newsletters, notes etc. and help save on paper and printing. We intend to use hardcopy and email for the coming year.

Please fill the online form at http://stjosephsterenure.ie/parents-info/contact-info/ to ensure that you can avail of these services.