Young Scientist 2015



Hovercraft Report

Report by Ricardo and Oliver

It started when Ms. Harte asked for some ideas for a science project. We had a vote and hovercrafts won. A few days later Ms. Harte told us that we were going to the primary section of the young scientist in the RDS. We started our research and made our own hovercrafts.
To make the hovercrafts most of us got a CD and a pop up bottle lid and stuck it to the CD. We also tested paper and polystyrene plates, but the CDs were the best. There were also different types of hovercrafts boys made some that operated by the air from a hairdryer. One boy made one with an engine but it could only go on water. We then measured the distances and compared the different types of hovercrafts and balloons. We also weighed the hovercrafts to see if the lightest ones were the best. When we measured the hovercrafts we measured with the balloon off, then with the balloon on and there was no difference when we measured with the balloon on. We also tried different shapes we tried a star shape with polystyrene and paper they were both disasters. We also tried the hovercrafts on different materials like grass, water, sponge ground, fabric, tabletop, and tarmac most of them were successful.
We then started making up different ways hovercraft technology could be used in the future, we all drew diagrams and wrote a bit about how our invention would work and how it would be used. Here are some examples of the things we thought up, Hover Bag; this would make your bag lighter, Hover House; you could travel places while staying at home, Hover Boat; you could escape tsunamis by just hovering over them, Hover Shoes; you could fly to school or fly anywhere else, Hover Cars; could go over any terrain or water.
We started then researching Christopher Cockerell and mountable hovercrafts and we brainstormed some ideas for hovercrafts. The next weekend was when we were going to the RDS and we were all ready. We decided there would be 3 shifts, one in the morning, one around midday and one in the early evening. I was in the morning shift. When I arrived we were setting up the stall and my friends were watching a 3D documentary about space. When that was over we came back and there were quite a few people around and we explained and showed our project to whoever was interested. We looked around and there were some pretty amazing things.
In the end it was an extremely interesting project and we learned lots of things and had great fun explaining it to other people. It was also exciting looking at the other projects especially the secondary school part of it because they made some pretty cool things. Some of the people made robots for robot wars. It’s pretty amazing what you can make with technology and your imagination.

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