What to do when the warm weather starts to set in? Go on a Spring Walk!

The Junior Infants headed out to Bushy Park to see what they could see.

There were plenty of puddles, lots of buds, and birds too. Tree bark was rubbed and described. Leaves were discovered, friends were made and we even saw a tractor!

No trip to Bushy is ever complete without a visit to the playground. They ran, jumped, see-sawed, dug, slid, climbed until they thought they could play no more… THEN they played a giant football match. Did you see the not-so-clean hands and faces? There was muck everywhere – the sign of a perfect day!

I don’t know how the boys managed to walk back to school after all of that activity and excitement, but they did – they are definitely getting more and more grown up!

Sorry for the mucky runners, boots, socks, hands, faces and fingernails, Mum & Dad, but getting muddy is really lots of fun and we really did have lots of fun today!!!