Congratulations to all of our 5th and 6th class pupils who entered the Intel Mini Scientist Competition earlier this year.  Many wonderful investigations were undertaken, often with unexpected results.  Questions were asked, experiments were devised, equipment was sourced and many tests carried out.  There was a lot of collaboration between the boys as they helped and guided each other.

Experiments spanned a very broad range of interests and questions: from looking at where the best pizzas could be purchased, to investigating if an outdoor pizza box oven might work.  From discovering what made the ‘best’ kitchen roll to finding out if different colours affected your perception of taste.  Projects on soft drinks, volcanoes, fruit and heart rates were also to be seen in the classes as well.

Two adjudicators came out from Intel and looked at all of the projects.  One of them – Ms. Graham – was the sister of one of our previous pupils, which made it all the more special for all of us.

The 5th and 6th class boys showed their projects to all of the boys in the school, then took their findings across to the Parish Hall, where they showed their parents what they had been working on.  Thank you to all of the parents who facilitated, advised and sourced materials for the boys.  It was a very busy afternoon, where the boys not only showcased their STEM skills, but they were wonderful hosts and patient presenters too.

A winner was announced for each class and given a prize. The overall winners were then selected to represent St. Joseph’s in the Regional Finals.  Congratulations to Rían, Adam and Rían whose project was entitled ‘How Much is Your Head Worth?’ and looked at the effectiveness of cheap helmets in comparison to more expensive ones and then looked to the future of helmets.

Although they didn’t get selected for the next level, we are all very proud of the boys here in St. Joseph’s and look forward to seeing what next year’s projects investigate.