After much discussion in our Student council and in the classrooms, the hall above the resource rooms in the Annexe was renamed ‘Yard View’   It was to house our mini-library, be a quiet space for yoga or circle time or a bright space for dramatic activities

Our second class pupils painted the door sign.

Unwanted book cases were donated from the classrooms.  (Don’t worry, every class still has at least one book case left).

Donut cushions and giant posters were purchased.

Pre-loved books donated by parents and pupils were brought up to our new library space and organised by our Student Council.

Our Student council discussed the need for more colour/ more posters in this room.  (This will happen very soon.)  They also decided to sort the books into 5 different categories: picture books, Irish language books, other language books, non-fiction and a mixture of fiction books, not broken down by age.  As teachers, we were impressed by their thoughtfulness and insight.

Here are a few photos of our Student Council members sorting out the room.  It is still a work in progress, but we’ll get there slowly and with great thought.